What to Expect

So what are the steps to starting therapy with US? Picking up the phone is sometimes the hardest part. We get it. So, we decided to give you a road map to what it looks like to begin therapy with Modern Family Therapy of Denver.


Pick up the phone 720-588-0526 Send an email shelly@modfamilytherapy.com

If we are not in session, we will answer the phone or respond to you via email.

If we are in session, we will get back with you the same day and give you a few options to set up our free 20-minute phone consultation.


We will set a time and take 20 minutes to chat. There will be some important questions we will go over to make sure we are the right fit.

At the end of the phone call, you will have a good idea if you would like to work with us. We will schedule your initial intake session. We will send you a link to our on-line paperwork and ask you complete it before our first session.

Initial INTAKE Session:

The initial session, also known as an intake, is focused on information gathering. We will explore what brings you in and where you want to be. There is a lot to cover so the first Intake session is 75 minutes long. You will leave with an organized plan and hopefully some relief in getting started.

Couples & Co parents

4 Intake Sessions

#1. First session BOTH partner’s present
#2. Individual Sessions ONE partner
#3. Individual Sessions with ONE partner
#4. We will come back together with a plan and work together

Blended / Step Families

4 Intake Sessions

#1. First session with EACH family
#2. Parent(s) session with EACH family
#3. Kid(s) individually
#4. ALL parent session: create plan and begin


3 Intake Sessions

#1. First session with PARENT and TEEN
#2. Individual Session with TEEN
#3. Create a plan and GET TO WORK!

Find YOUR TIME Spot:

In return for your commitment, I will hold a regular session time spot for you weekly. You want results and the best way to get there is to commit to the weekly process.

We have flexible hours and work into the evening to accommodate daily schedules.

Creating CHANGE:

We will work together to improve your challenges to a place you find satisfying.

It can look a few different ways. At times, we will be the expert. We will share information, possibly books to read, maybe just article or a quick video.

Other times, we will dive into some of those tough spots you keep hidden and we will join with you to better understand what is happening.

All the time, we are working together to create the change you are working towards.

We will check in together on the progress, what works, what doesn’t and will adjust to what we learn. Being in therapy is a choice, you can always choose to end.