{pre}teen / Teen Therapy

Whether your child is 10 or 19, sometimes they just need someone else to talk to.

As parents, we wear so many hats and work so tirelessly in helping our kids. We are a coach, driver, forecaster, encourager, and disciplinarian. Our job is 24/7 with little time for breaks.

SuperHERO to Villain

This developmental time, adolescence, is wrought with this age group finding who they are outside of their parents. We lose our SUPERHERO status, and become the villain with no fair warning. Often, helping our kids in this stage looks more like finding them a safe space than being their “person.”

Teens and Therapy….

Some feel a relief knowing they have a place and person to talk about what is happening inside. Others might have a stigma; there is something WRONG with them. We get it. Often, they are scared about the physical and emotional changes they are feeling and don’t know how to make sense of it all.

On the inside, so much is changing for adolescents, and this new stage comes with the need to find independence from their parents, WHICH KEEPS YOU IN THE DARK. No one truly likes being in the dark and especially not from your kids who you work so hard to get it right.

Unsure Teen

We work with teens who are unsure about therapy to create a timeframe, so they can assess whether it is helping. They get to negotiate terms of their therapy. We feel it is a very critical part of our work together. It is THEIR life, and we recognize they are EXPERTS on themselves!

Having a person – a therapist – to be safe with allows freedom and relief. We work to empower kids to have their VOICE, understand EMOTIONS and GROW into the person they want to BECOME. It’s a partnership!

ALL TEENS–not just those affected by divorce

We LOVE teens, not just teens affected by divorce BUT ALL. Adolescence is an amazingly tumultuous time for GROWTH and exploration of who they are. It’s SO important they have a non-judgmental space to dig deep and find their inner self. The better they know WHO they are NOW… adulthood will be an easier transition!

Kids need help, but parents do, too.

Kids have parents, and they are the key in creating change. So be ready to participate… you have so much to offer. It can look a few different ways, but it’s a MUST that we work together.

READY to MAKE SENSE of what doesn’t’ make SENSE.

Once your TEEN decides “to give it a try,” give us a call or send us an email. We will schedule our initial session of about 15 minutes. Parents will leave, and the rest of the time is just TEEN (unless they are keen on having you stay–they get to decide). We will spend the time getting to know each other and finding the spots where they want therapy to help.

Give us a call to get started or answer any questions you might have…