Individual Therapy

Although we refer to ourselves as couples and family therapists, we love the work we do with individuals of every age and stage.

Step families (or a variation of) are the fastest growing type of family in the United States, making it likely that an individual has either grown up in a stepfamily or is a member of one now. Many individuals come to therapy to work through issues associated with divorce, remarriage, and stepparent/stepchild dynamics.

Stepparenting Blues

When things are going well, stepparenting can feel incredibly rewarding. But, let’s face it, when things aren’t going so well, it can be brutally difficult. Most of us enter into stepparenting with the best of intentions, but our stepchildren may not be ready (or even able) to receive what we want to give them, whether it be love, friendship, or even discipline. When things turn adversarial between stepparent and stepchild, it can be devastating for the whole family, especially the marital relationship. We want to help. Individual therapy for stepparents is a safe place where you can be completely real about your situation. (We don’t judge.) While we can’t promise that things will ever be perfect, we offer insight and guidance to help you improve your relationship with your stepchild.

Your Past Isn’t Your Future

Your parents divorced and you might be wondering, “How do I know if a relationship is healthy?” Maybe growing up you witnessed heavy conflict. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, your parents avoided conflict but tension in your home was palpable. You are aware that your parents’ relationship probably affects how you show up in your own relationships, and we agree. Let’s explore what you learned growing up about relationships and how those beliefs help or hinder your relationships in the present. And, most importantly, let’s get clear on the “how to’s” of building a healthy relationship.

Single Parenthood

There can be so many questions… Am I doing this single parent thing right? Are my children adjusting after the divorce? Am I ready for a relationship? Is my child ready for me to have a relationship? How do I balance my roles as parent and new partner to someone? I’ve met someone I really care about: When is it time to introduce my kids? My children are already spending time with my ex’s new girlfriend! How do I talk to them about it? We know how challenging this time in your life can be. We offer a supportive place to address these single parent conundrums so you can feel confident your decisions are healthy for your children and you.


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