Couples Therapy

At Modern Family Therapy, we believe the health of a couple’s relationship is critical to the overall health of a family.

This could not be truer than in the case of stepfamilies. Challenges with step parenting, ex-partners, and a multitude of other issues all put pressure on the couple’s relationship. Although we see couples for all kinds of reasons, below are some of the critical junctures in the stepfamily life cycle where couples receive tremendous benefit from therapy.

Pre-Marital Couples Therapy

Begin to explore the unique challenges facing stepfamilies through this preventative therapy. Maybe you already see possible pitfalls that could emerge down the road. Arm yourself with the awareness, appropriate expectations, and tools to meet these challenges as you begin to join your family.

The First Years

The first years of joining a family can be the most difficult. Maybe you are trying to bond with your partner’s child and getting nowhere, causing you to feel like an outsider when you are with them. Maybe a former spouse is intervening in a way that causes tension. Maybe you feel as though your new partner is too hard on your child, while they believe you are too easygoing in your parenting style. These predictable scenarios (and countless others) can put tremendous pressure on a relationship. We understand and can help you gain a deeper understanding of each other’s experience, bringing you closer together and helping you face these challenges as a team.

Co-Parenting after Divorce

You and your former partner want to work together to provide the most secure, supportive situation for your children after a separation or divorce. We know the biggest predictor of positive adjustment after divorce is children having close relationships with two parents who are civil to one another. We can help you both consider your parenting values, discuss your differences, and make compromises where possible. Our goal is to help you come together so your children view you as a co-parenting team working to make the best decisions on their behalf.

We Thought We Had This, But…

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far and research shows the longer stepfamilies stay together, the more bonded members become. However, as your family grows (and growth can be uncomfortable) new challenges may arise. Maybe it’s a lack of connection with your partner, or new parenting issues associated with adolescence. Let’s work together to understand the change and create a pathway through to the other side.


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