Co-Parenting Coaching

Coaching vs Therapy
What are the similarities?

It’s simple. Both start with the premise that people are looking for emotional health. So, the difference is in how we get there.

The biggest difference in co-parenting coaching vs. therapy is the coach holds you accountable for your goals. Whether you want to “get along” better or have “better communication,” working with a coach provides feedback, helps you past some of the blocks getting in the way, and holds you accountable for YOUR progress.

Co-Parenting Coaching with Your Ex

Many clients don’t want to go to therapy with the EX. Maybe they attempted therapy before the end of their relationship and have mixed emotions. Totally makes sense.

Co-Parenting Coaching starts with the essentials:

  • Cooperation: The willingness to work together for your kids so they can grow into healthy emotional people. Anger is the BIG emotion that blocks cooperation.
  • Communication: We think it should say “listening” instead of communication because listening is typically the part that is missing when the communication is off.
  • Compromise: Tough one! Often, we get stuck in the “right” way of parenting and miss the benefit of generosity and respect. BUT, it’s the key for keeping your kids out of the middle.
  • Consistency: We know consistency is good for many important things in life… like brushing your teeth, right? Kids need it, too! Consistency and predictability are super important for kids to develop their self-esteem and worth.

Co-parenting Coaching begins with those four Cs.

A lot of Cs, right? Well, our goal is to make them As!

When you unload the burden of “Right vs. Wrong,” “Better Parent,” or “It’s not me,” you will feel LIGHTER–and life becomes easier!

We WILL work together to get you to be the best co-parent YOU CAN BE!

Can we do this co-parenting coaching individually? Absolutely. When YOU do something different, the whole co-parenting relationship WILL change.

Give us a call and let’s get started to a better life for your kids!