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No one goes into marriage planning for a divorce. It’s not part of the dream fairy tale. BUT, it is NOW your reality.

There is no guidebook for divorce. It can feel dark, scary, full of shame, failure. It’s like you are.


What you have is DETERMINATION. You found the determination to find this website. Now lets help you find the determination to find the new YOU! You see, it is the first and most important step in finding your way out of the forest.

The “NEW” YOU {US}

Your new “check box” is divorce. You’re searching for ways to make right NOW better. Finding your “NEW” you is your job. Whether you are just starting the divorce process, living in the aftermath, co-parenting with what seems like a stranger, or creating a new family, it is the “NEW” you.

You come with some fear, “Can I get it right this time?” “How can I stop being so ANGRY?” We are here to help make sense of all these feelings, where they come from, where you want to be, and help guide the course to the “NEW YOU.”


If your feelings fester or get stuck, you get lost in the forest. Let us help shine the light so you find your way out. You know you want something better than right now…and you have arrived HERE for a reason. You have determination, ready to face the new YOU and begin this new JOURNEY.


We are ready to HELP, GUIDE, SUPPORT and EXPLORE this new territory. We’ve been where you are: divorce, single parenting, dating, remarriage, blended family, stepchildren, co-parenting. AND have first-hand experience how therapy can truly be a “game-changer”!

Use the determination that got you HERE; pick up the phone or send an email.
We will answer any questions and get you STARTED to the new YOU.

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